Enter the upcycled and sustainably-powered car competition and compete against teams from all over Bahrain! It is completely free to enter, and there are some fantastic prizes to be won!

Enter individually or as a team (up to 4)

The Competition

Using the standard kit provided (or you can create your own), you must build a chassis for your car, and you can modify the bodywork using other upcycled materials.

Standard Kit contains:
– Two lollypop sticks
– Plastic straw
– Thin dowel
– Elastic bands

The wheels and body of the car can be made from any upcycled materials of your choice to increase aerodynamics. You will also need to create the team name’s livery (branding/color scheme).

Your vehicle must not be longer than 20cm or wider than 15cm.

Let your engineering minds go into overdrive and get creative in creating the fastest sustainably powered car.

Your car will race over a 20m long straight-line track

Download the full rules.

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Tickets to the Formula 1 weekend

A fun karting session at the BIC

Formula 1 merchandise

Speed Competition

Each car will be timed racing down a 20m long track, with the fastest car being deemed the winner. Each team will get 3 attempts to post their quickest time.

Creativity Competition

The bodywork design and overall aesthetics of each car design will be marked by the judges and a prize allocated for the team whose car is deemed to most creatively showcase their environmental message or cause.