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Keynote Speaker
Ben Towers

Ben Towers is one of ‘the most influential entrepreneurs on the planet’ whilst still only being 20 years old. Ben started in business aged 11 and has since successfully exited his marketing agency, invested in disruptive start-ups and inspired millions. Ben is now on a mission to change the health outcomes of his generation.

Keynote Speaker
James Sanders
Chief Innovation Officer at Google and the Founder of Breakout EDU, an open source immersive learning games platform.

James Sanders is the co-founder and CEO of Breakout EDU, the immersive learning games platform. Previously, James was a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow where he led the development of Future Ready Schools and the White House Film Festival. James got his start in education as a middle school history teacher in South Los Angeles where he worked with Google to pilot and launch Chromebooks for education.

Connect Students, Parent, Educators & Leaders to Local & Global Innovators

Explore what it takes to be Future-Ready in the modern world. Summiteers will be treated to inspiring keynotes and innovative workshops, led by world-leading educators. Strands include: Entrepreneurship, Gamification, Digital Parenting, Mindfulness & Wellbeing, Growth Mindset, Google Apps, STEM/STEAM, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Literacy. Come and experience how future technologies and emerging practice is transforming learning.

Summit Streams and Sessions

  • Day 1

    April 3, 2020
    Students & Parents

  • Sports Hall

  • Stream B: #Learner

  • Stream C: #Thinker

  • Stream D: #Reformer

  • Stream E: #Entrepreneur

  • Stream F: #Innovator

  • Stream G: #Healthier

  • Stream H: #Performer

  • Day 2

    April 4, 2020
    Teachers & Leaders

  • Stream A: #Arabic

  • Stream B: #Leadership

  • Stream C: #Metacognition

  • Stream D : #Global Impact

  • Stream E: #Enterprise

  • Stream F: #Digital

  • Stream G: #Wellbeing

  • Stream H: #TeacherSpotlight


St Christopher’s School Saar Campus

Gate 790, Road 1322, Muqabah 513Directions